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Adapting During a Crisis: Business Changes to Consider During the Pandemic

As the pandemic alters our way of life businesses have had to adapt in order to survive. Here are some changes to consider for your business.

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has dramatically altered our way of life. As well as keeping us separated from loved ones, the impact on our livelihoods has been devastating. Many employers are feeling the pressure and with countless stores closing and neighbourhoods in a state of lockdown, businesses have had to adapt and innovate in order to survive.

Plans that were made before the pandemic may no longer reflect of the current environment and so the need to remain agile is more important than ever. If you too are looking to make changes, here are some areas you should be considering.

Assess your brick and mortar setup

While there are processes you will have to follow due to the restrictions in your state, there may be extra steps you can take to ensure the customers in your store have a positive experience. Is the layout of your store working? Can you set up sanitisation stations? Are there ways to speed up the selection and buying process for customers? Small changes can make all the difference to ensure your customers feel welcome and safe.

Embrace online solutions

Even if you are one of the stores permitted to remain open, many consumers are now choosing to rely on online methods to complete their purchases along with real estate as Matt Carroll Real Estate has experienced on the Mornington Peninsula. As well as catering to the individuals that enter your brick and mortar store, it’s important you’re considering how you’ll reach the online market too.

Is your website the best it can be? Has it been updated to provide the best user experience possible? Having a site that is easy to find and use is essential and it may be worth investing in optimisation services to ensure you’re reaching your market. It may sound counter intuitive to spend money on these services when you’re concerned about sales, but adapting to the current buying trends could bring benefits to your business.

Alter your service delivery

While you’re considering your online solutions, brainstorm whether there are ways to improve your service delivery and further entice shoppers. Can you offer new products? Can you combine some of your most popular items into convenient packs? In terms of delivery, can you partner with other businesses to ensure it gets to your customers quickly?

Social media

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with customers or possibly reach new audiences. As restrictions change, your customers will need to know how this affects your business and how you’ll operate. Setting up social media accounts that can provide these updates and respond to customer queries can be an effective way to retain your audience and maintain business. Of course, navigating social media and choosing the right posts may not come naturally to everyone and may require some expert help. If you have an account already, it’s worth looking at scheduled posts to ensure they are still relevant to the current climate.





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