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I started my own SEO and digital marketing consultancy due to firsthand experiences witnessing the enormous budgets small and local businesses were allocating for website optimization on Google Search and Google Maps. With AI-driven results through Google Ads, achieving tangible outcomes from Google has never been more accessible within a short timeframe. This ROI enables businesses to expand their marketing budget and venture into other realms of online advertising.

A robust marketing strategy is indispensable for any business. However, as an owner, you may lack the time or extensive expertise to oversee an entire strategy alone. For many businesses, establishing a potent digital marketing approach often necessitates external assistance – whether through recruiting new personnel, engaging a digital marketing agency, or hiring a freelance marketer. If you haven’t worked with a freelancer before, discerning when or how they can benefit your business may not be immediately apparent.

Drawing from my background in major corporations and agencies before transitioning to freelancing, I possess a well-rounded skill set, experience, and knowledge in marketing. With fewer clients to contend with, you’re likely to receive more personalized attention from a freelance marketer compared to an agency. This one-on-one approach not only provides clarity but also grants you control over who manages your project.

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If you’re not visible on a search
engine’s page one – you’re not visible

Think about it – when you’re searching for a product or service online, how often do you click onto the second page? Very rarely, right? This is because we live in an age where people want information fast. So, if you’re not ranking on the first page, you’re losing leads to your competition. This is where I can help.  With access to industry leading SEO resources, which have helped Australia’s largest and most competitive industries online, I can share the blueprint strategy with you, to help grow your business. 

Put your business or service on the map with a tailored Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital strategy. As a freelancer backed with years of experience helping small to medium and Enterprise businesses stand out from the pack, I can help your business deliver tangible results without the hefty mark-ups that come from working with an agency


My small but dedicated team means I am able to remain agile with my costings to deliver true return on investment.
Chas Lyall-Venables
Chas Lyall-Venables
Chas Lyall-Venables

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Offering Tailored SEO strategies

No one business is the same, and as such, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. We’ll audit your site to evaluate your current SEO position and adjust as needed to optimise your site and improve it’s overall ranking. Google’s algorithms are always evolving, and so our digital strategies evolve with them.

Earning quality links from reputable websites

We’ve spent years working closely with trusted website owners to offer our customers cost-effective link building solutions. This will in turn strengthen your online ranking by demonstrating quality sites linking back to your page.

Driving engagement through quality copy

Competitors never sleep, and neither should your web copy. Updating your website with keyword optimised copy and blogs is one of the key drivers for maintaining your page one ranking. We can work with you to develop a series of highly targeted, and engaging articles to provide potential customers with the information they need to convert, while supporting your on-going digital strategy.

Delivering ROI with PPC campaigns

In such a competitive online space, relying solely on organic traffic isn’t always enough. Support your SEO strategy with a Pay Per Click campaign to significantly enhance your unique reach. We build your PPC approach from the ground up, targeting relevant keywords to deliver qualified and low-cost clicks to your site.


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Drift DIgital provides a no obligation consultation. I would love to get to know more about your business and business objectives. Once I have a better understanding of your industry I will show you how to dominate in your online space.