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Zero-click Searches and GMB: Why Site Visits aren’t enough for Success

With zero-click searches on the rise, it’s time for you to start thinking beyond your website rankings. Learn how a Google My Business profile could put you above the competition.

While no one would dispute that having a website is essential for most businesses, current search trends are significantly impacting the way we advertise our businesses.
Quality website content and page one rankings have always been important, but obtaining these doesn’t guarantee a site visit. This has never been truer than it is today. In fact, users are now finding answers and selecting businesses without having to visit a website at all. With zero-click searches on the rise, it’s time for you to start thinking beyond your website in order to gain traction.
Zero-click search could be affecting your business
You might be interested to learn more than 50% of searches are zero-click. What does this mean? Essentially, users are finding answers to queries within a Google search through things like Quick Answers, “People also ask” and Google Maps without having to visit a third party site.
This search trend is taking away some of the conversion power of your site and means Google My Business is becoming more important than ever for local businesses.
Google My Business (GMB)
For a local business, it could be a Google Maps listing and not a business website that is the deciding factor for a user – especially when taking zero-click searches into account. So it makes sense to pay attention to how your business is appearing on Maps and the information that is included.
Google My Business is a simple way to create, verify and edit your listing and make it easier for searchers to learn about your offerings.There are many benefits to having a GMB listing, such as giving your users quick and accurate information and appealing to users looking for a local provider. As well as appearing on Google Maps, you also have the potential to appear in the Local 3-pack – a highly sought after position in Google results that appears above organic results.
Create a highlight reel for faster decision making
Think about your own search habits and I’m sure you’ll agree that fast information is the goal. With a GMB listing, you have the opportunity to create an information pack that shows the best of your business all in the one place. From hours of operation and contact details to photos and reviews, your listing can become the ultimate conversion weapon to win over potential clients and boost enquiries.
Key takeaway
Conversions rely on more than just page one rankings and a pretty site with fast loading times; it’s a process that now begins well before a user even sees your site. It’s time to start thinking of the whole customer journey and targeting digital real estate that benefits from a zero-click search.





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